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Senator Baldwin Taking Action to Respond to the Emergency in Israel and Gaza

March 20:  Senator Baldwin urged President Biden to establish a public framework for the U.S. to recognize a nonmilitarized Palestinian state. As a strong diplomatic leader in the region for decades, the U.S. must continue this role and take concrete action toward a two-state solution, in line with established U.S. foreign policy.

February 14: Senator Baldwin joined a group of Senators calling on President Biden to continue ongoing U.S. diplomatic efforts to secure the release of Israeli hostages in tandem with the restoration of a mutual ceasefire agreement in Gaza.

February 9: Senator Baldwin and her colleagues successfully pushed the Biden Administration to require that, prior to the transfer of U.S. security assistance, recipient countries must provide the U.S. with credible and reliable written assurances that they will comply with international humanitarian law and other applicable international law. Senator Baldwin and her colleagues previously introduced an amendment to ensure weapons received by any country through U.S. security assistance are used in accordance with international humanitarian law.

February 2: Senator Baldwin and 24 of her Senate colleagues urged President Biden to encourage Israeli officials to take five specific steps to significantly increase urgent humanitarian aid for civilians in Gaza.

January 24: Senator Baldwin joined a group of colleagues in reiterating their support for of a two-state solution. The Senators announced plans to file an amendment to the forthcoming national security supplemental package that reiterates longstanding U.S. policy in support of a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

January 19: Senator Baldwin joined her colleagues in support of an amendment requiring that the weapons received by any country under the proposed national security supplemental are used in accordance with U.S. law, international humanitarian law, and the law of armed conflict.

December 21: Senator Baldwin released a statement outlining actions she supports to address the ongoing Israel-Hamas war and the growing humanitarian crisis.

November 20: Senator Baldwin led a dozen of her colleagues in urging President Biden to work with Israel and international partners to implement a plan that will protect innocent civilian life in Gaza, deliver immediate and sustained humanitarian aid, and work toward the long term goals of ending Hamas’s threat, bringing hostages home, and achieving sustainable peace in the region through a two-state solution.

November 10: Senator Baldwin urged Democratic and Republican Senate and Appropriations leadership to include $10 billion in humanitarian assistance, as requested by the President in the national security supplemental, to help deliver needed aid to innocent civilians caught in the middle of this war.

November 8: Senator Baldwin called on the Biden administration to designate the Palestinian territories for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and/or authorize Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for Palestinians present in the United States. TPS and DED offer temporary relief from removal and work authorization for eligible foreign nationals already in the United States who are unable to return safely to their home country.

November 8: Senator Baldwin called on President Biden to provide information surrounding the viability of Israel’s military strategy in Gaza and steps being taken to protect civilians in Gaza. The letter also requests an assessment of: whether Israel’s military strategy prioritizes the release of hostages; whether there is a plan for governing Gaza when the military operations end; whether Israel supports achievement of a two-state solution; whether the U.S. has put mechanisms in place to ensure Israel’s military operations are carried out in accordance with international law; whether Israel’s targeting practices align with U.S. policy; and how U.S. assistance will advance efforts to address the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe.

November 4: Senator Baldwin and colleagues released a statement calling for a short-term cessation of hostilities that pose high-risk to civilians, aid workers or humanitarian aid delivery in Gaza, in order to accomplish three goals:

  • Successful delivery of needed humanitarian aid to civilians under strict and necessary oversight
  • Increased focus on the release of all hostages kidnapped on October 7
  • Opportunity for broader discussion amongst Israeli and Palestinian leadership, together with regional and global partners, about long-term strategies to reduce decades-long conflict in the region

October 31: Senator Baldwin participated in the Senate Appropriations Committee hearing with Secretary of State Secretary Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on the National Security supplemental budget request to help Israel defend itself and address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Senator Baldwin questioned Secretary Blinken on the critical need for this aid, particularly in Gaza, and the danger that millions of people would experience should the U.S. fail to act and should Congress not proceed with urgency.

October 18: Senator Baldwin and colleagues called on the Biden administration to deliver humanitarian aid, like food, water, and shelter, to the innocent civilians and help address the emergency needs in Gaza and the West Bank as a result of Hamas’ terrorist attacks. The Senators call on the Biden administration to lead the international community in contributing to the United Nations’ emergency appeal of $294 million to address the immediate humanitarian needs in the West Bank and Gaza. The funds would be provided to the United Nations which distributes aid directly to those in need through vetted professional staff on the ground.

October 17: Senator Baldwin joined a bipartisan group of colleagues in urging President Biden to continue working to free American hostages that were taken by Hamas during the terrorist organization’s October 7th attacks on Israel.

October 12: Senator Baldwin and a bipartisan group of senators urged Secretary of State Blinken to make it the official policy of the United States to freeze $6 billion in Iranian assets in the wake of Hamas’s deadly terrorist attacks on Israel.

October 12: Senator Baldwin and colleagues called on President Biden to take quick action to ensure Israel has the munitions it needs, including Iron Dome interceptors. The senators noted that the conflict could expand and that Israel may need additional munitions.

October 11: Senator Baldwin released a statement saying that the United States should freeze the $6 billion in Iranian assets that had previously been released to Iran in September, but had not yet been spent.

October 11: Senator Baldwin and all 99 of her colleagues passed a bipartisan resolution expressing solidarity with Israel in the wake of the Hamas attacks. The resolution was approved by the Senate.