U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Statement on CBO Score of House-Passed Health Care Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin released the following statement on the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score of the health care bill passed by the House of Representatives:

“Today, the CBO confirmed the House health care bill will make families pay more for less care and increase the number of people who are uninsured. Wisconsin families struggling with health care costs will see average premiums rise next year, older Wisconsinites will pay an age tax and those with pre-existing conditions will no longer be guaranteed protections. I will not support partisan legislation that increases costs, cuts coverage and imposes an undue burden on older Americans and those with pre-existing conditions.

“The people of Wisconsin did not send me to Washington to take people's health care away. We must work in a bipartisan way to improve and strengthen our health care system. Skyrocketing prescription drug costs are a huge problem, so let’s respond with solutions. I cosponsored bipartisan legislation to hold pharmaceutical corporations accountable for rising prescription drug prices. We should be working to make this a reality, not making health care worse for Wisconsin families.”