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U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Statement on Today’s TrumpCare Vote in the House

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin released the following statement after the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass TrumpCare today:

“President Trump promised ‘insurance for everybody’ but the House Republicans broke that promise today by putting millions of people at risk of losing health care coverage and forcing millions to pay more for less care.

“The TrumpCare plan voted on in the House today weakens consumer protections in the private insurance market, puts insurance companies back in charge and lets them raise deductibles and charge higher premiums. It cuts Medicaid, putting support for special education, people with disabilities and those struggling with an opioid addiction at risk. This plan is so misguided that it targets older Americans with higher health costs and puts Medicare on a quicker path to insolvency while giving tax breaks to people at the top with higher incomes.

“House Republicans have not listened to the American people and the second version of TrumpCare is worse than the first. I will not support repealing the guaranteed health insurance protections and care that people with pre-existing conditions and others have today. Wisconsin cannot afford to buy what President Trump and Speaker Ryan are selling because the cost is lower quality health care and higher out-of-pocket costs to people with pre-existing conditions.

“The people of Wisconsin did not send me to Washington to take people’s health care away. I will not support higher costs, fewer people with health care coverage and more economic insecurity for Wisconsin families.”