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Senator Baldwin Statement on Military Action in Syria

Washington D.C. – U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin released the following statement regarding military action in Syria.  

“As we consider responding to the use of chemical weapons in Syria with military action, I am committed to asking the tough questions of our President, as I have of all Presidents under which I’ve served. 

“I have traveled to Turkey to meet with refugees who have fled over the Syrian border. I’ve participated in classified briefings on Capitol Hill and at the White House. And I’ve heard the voices of thousands of Wisconsinites.

“President Obama’s decision to come to Congress on this issue was the right one.  We must demand that all Presidents—not just our current President— come to Congress to get approval before taking military action against another nation. I’m pleased we are having this debate and will be an active participant in it.

“There is a reason why so many scholars and analysts have written that there are no good options in Syria. It’s because there are no good options.

“The use of chemical weapons is a global atrocity and demands a global response. The various treaties and conventions addressing these issues have been ratified by most of the world’s nations. Devising a precedent-setting response to their violation demands that the world’s nations engage in this discussion.

“America must not act alone. We must engage a much larger, broader international community on this.”