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Wisconsin Families Start Receiving Major Tax Relief Thanks To American Rescue Plan

Beginning today, those raising children will see money in their pockets because of the Baldwin-backed legislation, which included the largest expansion of the Child Tax Credit ever

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, working families across Wisconsin will begin receiving their expanded Child Tax Credit payments as a result of the American Rescue Plan.

“Today, families across Wisconsin will start receiving up to $300 per child, per month that will put more money in their pockets. This support will help families pay for childcare or school supplies, or support local small businesses,” said Senator Baldwin. “This historic tax relief, which not a single Republican voted for, will strengthen the economic security of working families and help lift millions of children out of poverty. I will continue working in the Senate to expand these tax cuts for Wisconsin families by pushing to make the Child Tax Credit permanent.”

The American Rescue Plan provides $3,000 per child 6-17 and $3,600 for children under the age of six. All working families will get the full credit if they make up to $150,000 for a couple or $112,500 for a family with a single parent (also called Head of Household). Starting on July 15th and through the rest of the calendar year, payments will be monthly via direct deposit at $250 per month for each child between ages 6-17, or $300 per month for each child under the age of 6.

If an individual has filed tax returns for 2019 or 2020, or if they have signed up to receive a stimulus check from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), they will get this tax relief automatically and do not need to sign up or take any further action. The IRS has launched a simplified online tool which will allow families who have not filed taxes to enroll in the program to receive the Child Tax Credit.

More information about American Rescue Plan Child Tax Credit payments and state data can be found here.