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U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Statement on Senate Budget Resolution

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin released the following statement on the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Resolution voted on in the Senate tonight:

“I believe Wisconsin families need a tax break and that's what I'm working for. But this budget resolution paves the way for a partisan tax proposal that favors big corporations and gives a majority of the tax breaks to the wealthiest 1 percent. I just don’t think it’s right to make Wisconsin’s hardworking middle class families pay for it by blowing a hole in the deficit and cutting Medicare and Medicaid.”

Senator Baldwin offered an amendment to prohibit the Republican tax plan to cut taxes for the top 1% and big corporations from increasing the deficit. She also cosponsored additional amendments to the budget resolution: Senator Heitkamp’s amendment to prohibit taxes from being raised on Americans making less than $250,000 a year, Senator Donnelly’s amendment to prevent companies that have outsourced jobs from benefiting from tax breaks and Senator Nelson’s amendment to reverse the $473 billion in cuts to Medicare in the Republican budget.