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Baldwin Introduces Legislation to Help Wisconsin Workers Hurt By Offshoring

For two years, workers who lost their jobs because of unfair trade have been without critical support

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) introduced legislation to reauthorize the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program, which provides crucial assistance to workers who have lost their jobs, or had their hours or wages reduced, as a result of unfair foreign trade. TAA expired in 2022, and workers who have lost their jobs since then have been unable to receive support, such as job search, training, and relocation assistance.

“We’ve seen too many big companies lay off American workers and send their jobs overseas – hurting Wisconsin families and communities,” said Senator Baldwin. “I will always fight to keep our manufacturing jobs here in America, but if a company does do wrong to our workers, I am fighting to ensure they have the resources and tools to land on their feet.”

The TAA program is meant to help workers negatively affected by unfair foreign trade find new jobs as soon as possible at the same level or higher than their previous positions. The program has offered stability to workers as they navigate the unexpected transition to a new job, which may include earning new credentials, learning new skills, relocating, or simply managing the interview process.

Since its expiration in 2022, over 118,000 workers – including more than 900 in Wisconsin – who may qualify for assistance have been unable to receive TAA. Workers who may have been eligible include the 400 Master Lock workers in Milwaukee and the 200 CNH workers in Racine.

A summary of the legislation can be found HERE and the bill text can be found HERE.