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Military Academy Nominations

Thank you for your interest in the Service Academy nomination application process. As a U.S. Senator, it is Senator Baldwin's privilege to nominate qualified students to the Air Force, Military, Naval, and Merchant Marine Academies each year.

Senator Baldwin is currently accepting applications for the 2025 academic year. Please use the form below to submit your application. 

The due date for 2025 applications is September 27, 2024. However, to avoid last-minute submissions and other time-related issues, it is highly encouraged all applicants submit their materials by September 13, 2024. All qualified applicants who have submitted their required materials by September 27, 2024 will be interviewed for a nomination by Senator Baldwin’s Service Academy panel at one of three locations:

  • Madison: October 5, 2024
  • Milwaukee: October 12, 2024
  • Wausau: October 19, 2024


If you have any general questions about the Academy nomination process, please contact Senator Baldwin's Service Academy Program Coordinator in her Milwaukee office or call (414) 297-4451.

Note: The United States Coast Guard Academy does not require Congressional nominations. If you are interested in attending the Coast Guard Academy, you should contact the academy directly.

Please see the links below to read more about the specific requirements for each academy.

Additional Information

Am I qualified to be considered for a nomination to a service academy?

To qualify for Senator Baldwin's nomination, you must be a United States citizen and a resident of the State of Wisconsin. In addition, the service academies require the following:

  • The Military, Naval, and Air Force Academies require that you be at least 17 years old, but not yet 23 years old, on July 1 of the year you wish to enter the academy. The Merchant Marine Academy has the same minimum age requirement but accepts students who are not yet 25 years old.
  • You must not be married, pregnant or have any legal obligation to support children or other dependents.

When should I request an application for nomination from Senator Baldwin?

You may request an application through Senator Baldwin's website during the spring of your high school junior year or any time thereafter. If you are a high school freshman, sophomore or junior in your first semester, you may call Senator Baldwin's Service Academy Coordinator in the Milwaukee office (414-297-4451) to obtain information and ask questions about the application and nominations process.

Can I only be considered for one academy?

You may ask to be considered for a nomination to any number of academies you are applying to. The application asks you to rank your academies of choice by order of preference. Please only rank academies that you are interested in attending and are planning on applying to.

What do I need to include in my nomination application packet?

A completed application packet must include paper copies of the following:

  • The completed application form, including two short answer essays
  • Three letters of recommendation in signed and sealed envelopes from individuals who are not members of your family. These recommendations must be included with your packet. Late letters of recommendation and additional letters of recommendation will not be considered.
  • Your official high school transcripts, sent from your school in a signed and sealed envelope, or signed transcripts with a raised seal
  • A copy of your SAT or ACT scores (this does not have to be an official copy from the testing agency) 
  • A color passport-size photograph
  • Any additional relevant information you would like included in your application packet, including your resume and/or information about your sports, volunteer or community involvement 

Must I meet certain medical requirements to receive a nomination?

A service academy medical examination must be passed before a candidate can receive an appointment. The examination is scheduled by the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DODMERB). Please carefully review the medical information on the academy websites and contact the academies directly if you have any questions or concerns about disqualifying medical conditions.

If I've applied before and was not selected, can I apply again?

Yes. Those not selected for a nomination last year may reapply as long as they still meet the age requirements. Applicants may use old recommendations and essays but should complete a new application.

How is a candidate selected for a nomination?

Prior to applying for a nomination from Senator Baldwin, please contact your academy or academies of choice to start the application process. Each academy will apprise you of any special physical, medical or academic requirements specific to that institution.

Each Member of Congress and U.S. Senator may have no more than five appointees in each of the service academies. Senator Baldwin uses a competitive process which permits her to nominate ten students for each appointment available at each academy. A nomination does not guarantee acceptance to a service academy; the Academy's Admissions Board ultimately decides who receives an appointment. You are encouraged to seek a nomination from as many sources as possible, including the Vice-President, Senator Johnson, your Member of Congress, and for certain candidates, the President.

Senator Baldwin will appoint a Service Academy Selection Advisory Committee composed of former and current members of the military, educators, and community leaders. Nomination candidates who submit a complete application packet will be scheduled for an interview with the Senator’s Selection Committee shortly after the application deadline. All completed applications will be reviewed to determine which students are most qualified for consideration by the Advisory Committee members or their designees.