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What is a Passport Application Number (PAN)? What should I do if I can’t find mine?

Passport Application Numbers are used by the Department of State (DOS) to track an application once it has entered processing. Creation of a PAN may take up to four weeks after submission of materials.

If you’re unable to locate your PAN, you may be able to by entering your information here.

What are current processing times for passports?

            >>>      Approximately 2-3 weeks for expedited service

            >>>      Approximately 6-8 weeks for routine service

For more information from the National Passport Agency regarding processing times, click here.

Additionally, please note that at this time Congressional inquiries for in-person passport appointments are only available for travelers who are within two weeks of their date of travel. More information about these appointments can be found here

How can I upgrade to expedited processing and/or overnight shipping?

You may do so by calling the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778. Please note that doing so does not guarantee that you will receive your passport in time. In some cases, my staff may be able to send your credit card information to the agency directly.

How can I get an in-person appointment at a passport agency?

Passport agencies cannot guarantee an appointment will be available for constituents before their date of travel. Requests for appointments can be made for constituents with an urgent need. More information about these appointments can be found here.

If you have yet to apply for a passport but are traveling urgently (within the next 14 days), you are able to book appointments through the Department of State’s online portal here.

I’ve already contacted another Congressional office, can I submit an inquiry through your office as well?

Federal agencies request that only one Congressional office submit an inquiry on behalf of a given constituent. Multiple inquiries from different Congressional offices may cause your case to be delayed. If another Congressional office is already assisting you in obtaining your passport, please continue to work directly with that office. Should you require additional help after working with that office, please notify my office.

My group needs multiple passports / includes minors, how should we fill out the Privacy Act Release (PAR) form?

If you’re contacting my staff on behalf of:

            >>>     A minor, you may fill it out on their behalf. You must include how you’re related to them on the form, then sign as yourself. 

            >>>     Yourself and a minor, you may include their information on the PAR form you fill out for yourself. You must include how you’re related to them on the form. Specific instructions are available on the form on the next page.

            >>>     Another person who is not a minor, please direct them to fill out their own PAR form.