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Congressionally Directed Spending Requests

As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Baldwin looks to bring our Wisconsin values to the national conversation about how we invest in moving our economy forward. 

For the upcoming fiscal year, the Appropriations Committee has restored – on a bipartisan basis – the authority to approve Congressionally Directed Spending items with enhanced transparency and accountability.

As a result, public and non-profit entities in Wisconsin may propose congressionally directed spending items. For-profit entities are not eligible to receive Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS). Submission of CDS requests should not be construed as a guarantee that funding will be requested by Senator Baldwin or awarded.

Fiscal Year 2023 CDS Requests:

The window for submitting Fiscal Year 2023 CDS requests is now closed. 

Requests may require additional updates upon release of the President’s budget. Any CDS request that Senator Baldwin submits to the Appropriations Committee must comply with Senate Rule XLIV

Eligible Accounts: 

A specific list of accounts under which CDS requests will be supported in Fiscal Year 2023 is available here. This list of eligible accounts is subject to change pending instructions for the Fiscal Year 2023 appropriations process.