The time is now to give hard working Americans a raise

"Nearly seven years ago, both parties worked together to pass bipartisan legislation that raised the minimum wage. Nineteen of my Republican colleagues, who I serve with in the Senate today, voted for that bipartisan legislation and Republican President George W. Bush signed it into law on May 25th, 2007.

Since that time, big banks on Wall Street drove our economy into a ditch. We faced a financial meltdown and were confronted with the worst recession since the Great Depression. Hard-working Americans lost jobs. They lost their homes. They lost retirement savings. Hard-working families paid a steep price for the reckless actions of others when all they ever asked was for their hard to be rewarded. "


"I’m here today to urge my colleagues to support the Minimum Wage Fairness Act and give 28 million hardworking Americans the raise they have earned."


"I believe we need to build a fairer economy and grow the middle class from the bottom up. And I believe our economy is strongest when we expand opportunity for everyone.

I am proud to join my colleagues here today to deliver a call for action. It’s simple. The time is now to give hard working Americans a raise. We can do that if both parties work together to reward hard work, so an honest day’s work pays more."