Tax Reform Priorities: Reward Hard Work, Grow the Middle Class and Create Shared Prosperity

Last week, Senator Baldwin outlined her priorities for tax reform with the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee.  Senators Baucus and Hatch have solicited input as part of their approach to reform the tax code and our office is making Tammy’s letter to the Finance Committee public.

In her first floor speech Tammy said:

“As I’ve traveled the state, Wisconsinites have told me that the powerful and well-connected still seem to get to write their own rules, while the concerns and struggles of middle-class families go unnoticed in Washington.  They feel like our economic system is tilted towards those at the top, and that our political system exists to protect those unfair advantages instead of to make sure that everybody gets a fair shot.”

Tammy believes that in order for America to compete and win the future, we need a tax code that respects and rewards hard work and not just wealth; grows the middle class and strengthens economic security; increases American competitiveness; and reduces the nation’s deficit and debt.
She believes that at the heart of any comprehensive tax reform package there needs to be recognition that the biggest gap facing America is the gap between the economic security Americans work so hard to achieve, and the economic uncertainty that they are asked to settle for. Because if we can’t close that gap, we might someday talk about the middle class as something we used to have, not something each generation can aspire to.
The letter lays out a number of her priorities, saying Congress should:

  • Responsibly Replace the Sequester, Close Tax Loopholes and Reduce the Deficit
  • Reward Hard Work, Grow the Middle Class and Create Shared Prosperity
  • Strengthen American Manufacturing and Global Competitiveness

Today, we face serious challenges; the large and growing gaps between the rich and the poor; between rising costs and stagnant incomes; between our nation and our competitors when it comes to education and innovation. In order to meet these challenges we need to invest in creating an economy built to last. We need to make a strong commitment to supporting investments in education, advanced manufacturing, innovation, science, research and technology. We need to build long-term economic growth and shared prosperity.
As a member of the Budget Committee, Tammy looks forward to working with the Finance Committee to make progress on these challenges and help move this great country forward.
See below for the letter in its entirety.

Senator Baldwin Letter to Finance Committee on Tax Reform by Senator Baldwin Press Office